Problems with incoming traffic

From: Stefan Peter (
Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 09:55:02 PDT

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    I have read trough all the FlowScan docs and FAQs about about two
    problems, having found nothing.

    The first probem is, that I configured my FlowScan as thorough as I could,
    but I found no incoming traffic in my charts. I examined the flows with
    "flowdump", which were ok, and also the rrds with "rrdtool fetch", which
    were not ok at all. The dump showed that for example for the tcp
    traffic the inbound traffic is 1000 times less than the outbound traffic.
    Is it regular, or can it be a misconfiguration problem? In the latter
    case, can anybody provide a small "Cisco config file ---> Flowscan
    configuration file" conversion example?

    My second problem is related to unneccessary rrds. I have commented out
    Napster, Readaudio, etc. "ports" in, however, I'm still
    getting them in rrds! Should I change something else?

    Peter Stefan

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