Cat6k-MSFC2 and netflow

From: Vladimir Kotal (
Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 04:10:21 PDT

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    I'm trying to setup netflow on 'Cat6k-MSFC2 (R7000)' with MSFC2 cards.
    IOS ver is Version 12.1(3r)E2.
    Relevant configuration entries are:

    ip flow-cache entries 65536
    ip flow-cache timeout active 1
    ip flow-export source Vlan155
    ip flow-export version 5 peer-as
    ip flow-export destination a.b.c.d 9995

    and 'ip route-cache flow' on several interfaces. The box is running ~50M
    ATM line and various FEth based Vlan interfaces.

    The problem is that I no longer get the number of netflow packets I used
    to get when running the same lines on c75xx machine. The netlflow packet
    rate on 75xx with 12.1.x was usually hundreds packets per second, now it
    is hardly tens. I suspect it is caused by layer 3 switching.
    Could someone acknowledge my suspicion ?

    some useful links (which gave me no answer on this):

    please reply to my personal mail addr as well.


    V. Kotal

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