Re: Getting 'Segmentation Fault'

From: Dean Browett (
Date: Fri Jul 20 2001 - 12:54:41 PDT

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    You sent an email to the cflowd mailing list some time ago the contents of
    which follow:

    I have Cflowd installed on a Solaris 2.7 Unix Machine and whenever I try to
    run cflowdmux I get:

             Sementation Fault (core dumped)

    Did you manage to find a resolution at all ? I am experiencing a similar
    problem. I am using cflowd-2-1-a9 with the patches applied for

    This setup is currently running on a test box under Linux RH6.2 with a
    Celeron 500MHz chip

    The message I get is as follows:

    [root@big-brother bin]# ./flowscan
    Loading "local_nets.boulder" ...
    Loading "our_subnets.boulder" ...
    2001/07/20 19:41:24 working on file /usr/local/arts/data/cflowd/flows...
    2001/07/20 19:41:24 flowscan-1.020 SubNetIO: Cflow::find took 0 wallclock
    secs ( 0.00 usr + 0.01 sys = 0.01 CPU) for 4096 flow file bytes, flow hit
    ratio: 0/0
    Segmentation fault (core dumped)

    Running perl -d ./flowscan I get the following:

    Script started on Fri Jul 20 19:46:10 2001
    /usr/local/arts/data/cflowd/flows/bin.[root@big-brother bi
    Default die handler restored.

    Loading DB routines from version 1.07
    Editor support available.

    Enter h or `h h' for help, or `man perldebug' for more help.

    main::(./flowscan:23): require 5.004; # for UNIVERSAL::can method
    main::(./flowscan:34): '$Revision: 1.20 $' =~ m/(\d+)\.(\d+)/ && ((
    $VERSION )
    main::(./flowscan:37): $c = new ConfigReader::DirectiveStyle;
    main::(./flowscan:38): $c->directive('Verbose');
    main::(./flowscan:39): $c->directive('WaitSeconds');
    main::(./flowscan:40): $c->required('FlowFileGlob');
    main::(./flowscan:41): $c->required('ReportClasses');
    main::(./flowscan:42): $c->load("${FindBin::Bin}/${FindBin::Script}.cf");
    main::(./flowscan:43): $flowfileglob = $c->value('FlowFileGlob');
    main::(./flowscan:44): $opt_w = $c->value('WaitSeconds');
    main::(./flowscan:45): $opt_v = $c->value('Verbose');
    main::(./flowscan:46): @classes = split(m/\s*,\s*/,
    main::(./flowscan:48): if (!getopts('hvw:g:s:') || $opt_h) {
    main::(./flowscan:67): if ($opt_g) {
    main::(./flowscan:71): if (@ARGV) {
    main::(./flowscan:75): foreach my $class (@classes) {
    main::(./flowscan:76): eval "use $class";

    Loading "local_nets.boulder" ...
    Loading "our_subnets.boulder" ...

    main::(./flowscan:77): die "$@" if $@
    main::(./flowscan:75): foreach my $class (@classes) {
    main::(./flowscan:80): Cflow::verbose($opt_v);
    main::(./flowscan:82): while (1) {
    main::(./flowscan:83): my @files = sort by_timestamp
    main::(./flowscan:84): if (@files) {
    main::(./flowscan:85): my $file;
    main::(./flowscan:86): foreach $file (@files) {
    main::(./flowscan:87): my @s = stat($file);
    main::(./flowscan:88): my $dirname = dirname $file;
    main::(./flowscan:89): my $basename = basename $file;
    main::(./flowscan:91): if (!$opt_s || $s[7] <= $opt_s) {
    main::(./flowscan:93): foreach (@classes) {
    main::(./flowscan:94): push(@objects, $_->new || die
    "$_->new fa
    main::(./flowscan:93): foreach (@classes) {
    main::(./flowscan:97): my $t0 = new Benchmark;
    main::(./flowscan:98): my $size = 0;
    main::(./flowscan:99): foreach ($file) {
    main::(./flowscan:100): if (@_ = stat) {
    main::(./flowscan:101): $size += $_[7]
    main::(./flowscan:99): foreach ($file) {
    main::(./flowscan:104): my $result = Cflow::find(\&wanted,

    2001/07/20 19:46:49 working on file /usr/local/arts/data/cflowd/flows...
    main::(./flowscan:105): my $t1 = new Benchmark;
    main::(./flowscan:106): warn(strftime("%Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S",
    main::(./flowscan:107): " $FindBin::Script-$VERSION
    @classes: C
    main::(./flowscan:108): timestr(timediff($t1, $t0)),
    main::(./flowscan:109): " for $size flow file bytes, flow
    hit r
    main::(./flowscan:110): if $opt_v;

    2001/07/20 19:46:50 flowscan-1.020 SubNetIO: Cflow::find took 1 wallclock
    main::(./flowscan:111): &report;

    Signal SEGV at /usr/local/arts/data/cflowd/flows/bin/ line 1680
            CampusIO::report('SubNetIO=HASH(0x854408c)') called at
            SubNetIO::report('SubNetIO=HASH(0x854408c)') called at ./flowscan
    line 1
            main::report called at ./flowscan line 111

    Aborted (core dumped)

    I am using and

    Any ideas.............thanks in advance

     Dean Browett

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