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Date: Mon Jul 30 2001 - 11:28:11 PDT

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    Im using the clfowd-flowscan-rrdtool combination to track Napster & Napster Clone usage. On my
    graphs that are produced, I get HTTP 9.5% out 35.4% in
                                     FTP 5.8% out 3.1% in
                                    NNTP 1.2% out 2.1% in
                             Real Server 0.4% out 1.6% in
                                     etc -----------------
                                     etc -----------------
                                  Other 81.5%out 51.4% in

    I have included in my file the ports used by many of the Napster clones as well as
    those used by napster.

    How could I reconfigure what I have to find out whats other services are included in that large
    percentage of 'Other'. Any help or suggestions is appreciated.

    Edson Manners
    Academic Computing & Networking Services
    Florida State University

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