I can't start cflowdmux

From: Thitiroj Rojanathanes (thitiroj@jupiter.loxinfo.co.th)
Date: Mon Aug 06 2001 - 20:25:26 PDT

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     Dear the list :),

            I tried to run cflowd and cflowdmux but it had some errors.
     This is the messages I have got ...

     Aug 6 11:36:54 ohno cflowdmux[554]: [A] g_packetQueue.Create("/usr/local/arts/etc/cflowd.conf",2097152) failed: No such file or directory {cflowdmux.cc:457}
     Aug 6 11:36:54 ohno cflowdmux[554]: [A] failed to create packet queue! Exiting. {cflowdmux.cc:459}

     What should I do to be able to run it ? or do I miss anything to run ?
     Please help me.

     Thank you very much,

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