Per VC flow control || discard unwanted DATA

From: Adam Obszynski (
Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 05:23:23 PDT

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    Witaj cflowd!

    Some time ago i have some case in cisco TAC where i asks about collecting
    date via Cisco NetFlow tools, here is reply:

    > It's not possible to only get netflow data for some VC. By default, it's enabled on all of them.
    > The way I would workaround the problem is by creating a filter on the Netflow Collector.
    > With this you can exclude data coming from a certain port. For more info:

    Is this possible to disable archiving of unwanted ifIndexes (aka instances)
    this is very ugly in envirioment where all router are ATM routers and very
    often client and core is connected to the same physical ATM interface via ATM

    I se 2 ways of doing that:

    - offline removing unwanted data from artsdata
    - new configuration clausule ie: "EXCLUDE_INTERFACES_IFINDEXES=1,23,34,37,38"

    is there some work done in this directon or some tries ? I don;t wont do
    disciver wheel if somebody do it erlier 8-)

    please give me answer... or i will start to recognising cflowd package C++
    code (but i hate classes 8-( )

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