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Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 12:08:46 PDT

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    I have one c7507's on one end of campus and another on the other end of campus. One 7507 is
    already set up for netflow and is exporting flows with no problem whatsoever. The other one which
    I am currently trying to set up to add to my flow exports currently does not show any flows being
    exported when I do a sho ip cache flow it comes up with all zero's. After this the netflow config
    was basically copied from the exporting to the non-exporting one with the same results. As I said
    before these two boxes are typically the same, one difference is they have different IOS's

    Exporting box - Version 12.1(7a)E1
    non-Exporting box - Version 12.1(5c)E8

    What could be causing one box to export flows and the pther to not. Any suggestions and comments
    are welcome. Thanks in advance.

    Edson Manners
    Academic Computing & Networking Services
    Florida State University

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