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From: Josh Wepman (
Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 12:33:54 PDT

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    Just a guess, but you will get all zeros if you have flow export
    configured, but do not have 'ip route-cache flow' enabled on any

    On Tue, 21 Aug 2001, Liger-dc wrote:

    > I have one c7507's on one end of campus and another on the other end of campus. One 7507 is
    > already set up for netflow and is exporting flows with no problem whatsoever. The other one which
    > I am currently trying to set up to add to my flow exports currently does not show any flows being
    > exported when I do a sho ip cache flow it comes up with all zero's. After this the netflow config
    > was basically copied from the exporting to the non-exporting one with the same results. As I said
    > before these two boxes are typically the same, one difference is they have different IOS's
    > Exporting box - Version 12.1(7a)E1
    > non-Exporting box - Version 12.1(5c)E8
    > What could be causing one box to export flows and the pther to not. Any suggestions and comments
    > are welcome. Thanks in advance.
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