RE: using cflowd / arts++ and traffic accounting / billing

From: Andrew Fort (
Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 17:57:31 PDT

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    We hacked cflowd's 'flowwatch' to spit out tabluated data that we then
    aggregate (hourly) using a perlscript.
    To modify flowwatch's output format, edit the last bit of code in

    Alternatively, you may like to use OSU flow-tools instead of cflowd, it
    provides lots of pipeline tools that are useful for low-level flow
    analysis/archiving/etc. It's more suited to this sort of thing (at least in
    my environment). My web pointers to OSU flow-tools are all out of date, and
    the project has recently moved; so if you're interested and a google search
    doesn't show up the present release's location (flow-tools-0.55.tar.gz is
    what you're looking for), let me know and I'll have a look for the present

    >From: Richard Morgan []
    >Sent: Tuesday, 28 August 2001 10:11 AM
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    >Subject: using cflowd / arts++ and traffic accounting / billing
    >I understand that the cflowd and arts++ combination is
    >designed mainly for
    >traffic analysis / capacity engineering studies, but can
    >anyone give me a
    >pointer on using it for ISP traffic billing.
    >We want to account both inbound and outbound flows.
    >I have cflowd set-up and working well, but arts++ only
    >aggregates border
    >inward traffic, this I understand is a design feature in
    >arts++ (or is it in
    >cflowd). The raw flows do contain the reverse flows, as we have set-up
    >flow-export on all the router interfaces.
    >What are my best options ?, to mine the raw flow files
    >directly, build a
    >tool to suck the flows out of cflowd, or is there a way to get
    >arts++ to do
    >what I want.
    >Any ideas would be appreciated.

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