no flow files only art files.

From: Frank Skovboel - Tiscali (
Date: Tue Sep 18 2001 - 08:36:58 PDT

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    Hi There....

    I am new on this mailling list, and have been looking in the archives, but not found an answer, so here goes...

    I have installed cflowd version 2-1-b1 in /usr/local/arts/ and done the config for the cflowd.conf and cfdcollect.conf. I have also configured 1 Cisco router with flow-export.

    I have started the cflowdmux first, then cflowd and last cfdcollect. All seems to be working, the ports 2055 and 2056 have been bound.

    My problem is that in my /var/log/cflowd I get a dir with the ip of the routerand in there a file called arts.20010918, but in my /var/log/cflowd/flows/ I do not get any data.

    As far as I have understod I need the data in /var/log/cflowd/flows to use FlowScan-1.006, is this correct ?

    I hope that someone can help me out here... feels like im fumbling in the dark :-/

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