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From: Martin van den Nieuwelaar (
Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 14:09:34 PDT

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    Paul Matthews wrote:
    > I do a daily aggregation of my arts files collected for all my routers by
    > running a scripts which runs :-
    > artsagg -q -T netm,intfm ag.$EXTENSION $AG_FILE_NAME
    > Further each month I run artsagg again on all my daily files to aggregate
    > them down to a single file.
    > Up till now this has been working fine - I am now running into issues with a
    > some of the busier routers and I'm getting an out of memory message and the
    > output file is (probably incomplete).
    > Clearly there is an issue in scaling when trying to aggregate so many files
    > in one pass.
    > What I want is one summary file at the end of each month for my trend
    > analysis.
    > Will artsagg support a more cumulative aggregation ie can I aggregate using
    > the previous aggregation file as input and output ie something like :-
    > artsagg -T netm,intfm -o ag.monthly ag.monthly ag.daily ???
    > Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Hi Paul,

    I have tried the cumulative aggregation with some success. My opinion
    is that it helps "a bit". In my particular situation I was producing
    arts files with 5 minute aggregation. At the end of each day I wanted
    an arts file with daily aggregation. I started by performing the
    aggregation in one step. On the busier collectors this took a lot of
    memory and they would end up swapping. I found that going from 5
    minute to 1 hour aggregation, then to daily, was actually quicker and
    used less memory. I'm not sure (logically) how that can be, but I put
    it down to quirkiness in the memory handling of cflowd, and not the
    act of aggregation of stats over time per se. It's worth
    experimenting with I think, unless you have memory to burn. My
    artsagg processes were consuming > 800MB at times!


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