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From: Martin van den Nieuwelaar (
Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 14:11:16 PST

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    Hi Jeroen,

    Remember that Netflow Exports are unidirectional, and show only
    incomming traffic for an interface. If you are gathering statistics
    on an external interface (one that connects your network to the
    outside world) you should see only traffic coming in to your network.
    The traffic going out from your network will not be recorded.

    In order to measure what traffic you send to the outside you need to
    measure in another place. I find this a little tricky to explain in
    words, but you could measure on all the interfaces on that same router
    that don't point off your network, and tally up all the netflow
    exports with a destination interface of your external interface. So
    you are essentially measuring all flows coming into that router from
    anywhere on your network that end up going off your network.
    Unfortunately I don't think Cflowd can do this unless you grab the raw
    Netflow Exports (flowwatch from memory?). A second way (which does
    work as I've tried it successfully) is to gather stats from everywhere
    on your network at the point where the traffic enters the network.
    Then by looking at all the traffic that has a destination AS other
    than your AS number you will get a good idea (it will not be perfect)
    of what traffic will leave your network. In non-trivial networks this
    becomes a bit of a challenge but it can be done.

    Over the last few months I've built an app (refer sig) that works
    using the second option. Strictly speaking it's commercial software
    so I will not ramble on about it here, but it does ease the pain of
    keeping track of processing all those stats. It also has a
    passthrough for Netflow Exports so you can keep using CFlowd at the
    same time. This is useful because CFlowd offers incredible detail and
    vast quantites of output whereas my app is aimed at higher level
    flow/network visualisation.

    I hope this helps.


    Jeroen Wolff wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I'm writing some scripts to genereate the AS trafic flow. With MRTG i
    > measure input/output traffic. There is an average of 25 Mb out and 10 Mb
    > ingoing traffic. With my artsases output i see only a lot of source other
    > than me (incomming) and almost no traffic with my AS as source. I expect
    > also traffic going out of our AS.
    > What i want is a overview how much traffic we ask from our providers and how
    > traffic we bring to the net....
    > Thanks for any reaction...

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