RE: Cflowd and Incoming traffic.

From: Kuriyama, Kent K Mr (CPF N671KK) (
Date: Thu Nov 08 2001 - 22:49:59 PST

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    I have a Cisco 7200 that has the same problem. Even though I have 'ip
    route-cache flow' enabled on both interfaces I never see any ingress traffic
    on the serial interface. This is not a generic problem as I have other
    Cisco's whose serial interfaces generate traffic as expected.

    Kent Kuriyama

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    I have a cisco 2620 and am running flow-export version 5 with peer-as's

    I have set route-cache flow on the interfaces (serial0/0.2 and bvi1 and
    fastethernet0/0) and all
    that seems to be appearing in cflowd is traffic sourced from my
    fastethernet0/0 and destined for serial0/0.2

    Has anyone seen anything like this before ?


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