exporting raw flow files to text

From: Affan Basalamah (affan@itb.ac.id)
Date: Tue Nov 13 2001 - 10:34:01 PST

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    Hi there,

    I successfully run cflowd at my network to collect data from catalyst 6000
    MSFC router (IOS Native software) using FreeBSD 4.2 (installed by FreeBSD
    Ports). So far cflowd collects data very well.

    Because of accounting purposes, I would like to process raw flow files
    because I find arts++ files is not give enough data I need. And the
    question arise, how frequent should I process raw flow files, because I'm
    not sure whether the raw flow files changes (e.g from
    to in certain times (e.g 7 minutes) or it changes
    variably depending on the traffic.

    I'm also planning to inject the data into SQL databases (using
    postgreSQL) for further analysis.

    I would like to hear opinions/experiences from all of you who run similar


    Affan Basalamah, http://ai3.itb.ac.id/~affan [updated]

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