Re: exporting raw flow files to text

From: Edwin D. Viņas (
Date: Tue Nov 13 2001 - 16:59:30 PST

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    Regarding your plan to inject Netflow data in SQL database; well, actually
    I've started it. Im using Postgresql-7.1. Since we have the same plan, maybe
    we could share some data regarding this, that is, if you want.


    Edwin D. Viņas
    ASTI, Philippines

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    Subject: exporting raw flow files to text

    > Hi there,
    > I successfully run cflowd at my network to collect data from catalyst 6000
    > MSFC router (IOS Native software) using FreeBSD 4.2 (installed by FreeBSD
    > Ports). So far cflowd collects data very well.
    > Because of accounting purposes, I would like to process raw flow files
    > because I find arts++ files is not give enough data I need. And the
    > question arise, how frequent should I process raw flow files, because I'm
    > not sure whether the raw flow files changes (e.g from
    > to in certain times (e.g 7 minutes) or it changes
    > variably depending on the traffic.
    > I'm also planning to inject the data into SQL databases (using
    > postgreSQL) for further analysis.
    > I would like to hear opinions/experiences from all of you who run similar
    > project/work.
    > Thanks!
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