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From: Hanumanth Jerbandi (SSD-BLRAKS-IC&NI) (
Date: Mon Dec 03 2001 - 20:00:22 PST

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    I apologize in advance if we have discussed this topic.

    I hv a router with 2 serials and 1 ethernet interfaces. I hv clfowd
    configured on
    RH 7.2 and running fine. With current setup of cflowd i am exporting flows
    for only
    one serial. similarly i want to export netflow from the other serial also
    with a saperate instances of cflowd running on the same. flows to be strored
    in different directory for each serial interface.

     In other words how can i configure cflowd for multiple instances to collect
    data from
    different routers on a single machine

      How can i configure the same.



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