Re: Cflowd Message: failed to create flows

From: R. Drew Davis (
Date: Mon Dec 10 2001 - 06:44:24 PST

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    > Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 10:18:57 -0300
    > From:
    > To:
    > Subject: Cflowd Message: failed to create flows
    >Could someone give me any idea about the following messages ?
    >Dec 10 10:01:17 uxdbmsun cflowd[2076]: [E]
    >stat("/usr/local/arts/data/cflowd/flows",0xefffef68) failed: No such file or
    >directory {}
    >Dec 10 10:01:17 uxdbmsun cflowd[2076]: [E] unable to create raw flow logger fo
    > {}
    >Dec 10 10:01:20 uxdbmsun cflowd[2076]: [E] got a v1 flow without net matrix
    >fields (index = 0x3fff) {}
    >Im running on sparc-solaris-2.6.

    The V1 flow message probably means you have asked cflowd to collect
    data for which it needs version-5 flow data to be able to produce, but
    have not told your routers that its V5 data that you want from them.
    The good news is that at least there's evidence that Netflow data is
    arriving at your collection point.

    As for the complaint about /usr/local/arts/data/cflowd/flows and the
    raw flow file that goes under there, I suggest you check for the
    existance and ownership of /usr/local/arts and the user ID that you are
    running cflowd with. It sounds likely that the message means just
    what it says, that the cflowd process is finding it does not have
    persmission to make a directory there for it to put its files into.

    Or maybe you need to update your config files to specify a different place
    for those files to go?


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