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From: R. Drew Davis (
Date: Mon Dec 10 2001 - 21:06:50 PST

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    > Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 08:59:30 +0530
    > From: "Hanumanth Jerbandi (SSD-BLRAKS-IC&NI)" <>
    > To: "'R. Drew Davis'" <>, alaerte@embrate
    > Subject: RE: Cflowd Message: failed to create flows
    > Cc:
    >hi... Drew...
    > I hv a query on cflowd, Hv u tried to run multiple instances of
    > I want to collect flows saperately for 2/more different
    >routers/serials, or want to
    > collect saperate(stored in respective ip address dir) flows for 2 or
    >more serials on the same router.
    > In fact i had posted this to mailing list... but i didnt get any
    > hope if u can help me.
    > I hv seen that graphs reported for i0services is reversed, i.e in/out are
    >swaped, how to fix it. Does the ifindex on the router changes!!!, i hv
    >noticed this
    > thanks,
    > hanu

    I think I remember seeing your e-mail to the list. My own cflowd setup
    is pretty simple. Had 2 routers feeding one data collector. At the
    moment, I'm not even collecting cflowd data.

    Not only that, but our routers were nearly all ethernet, except for one DS3
    to Holmdel, so I've very little experience with serial lines and netflow.

    Sometimes I'm able to help people on the list by making informed guesses,
    but I try to stop myself from making uninformed guesses to the list.
    (My Dad's advice was "Better to let people think you are dumb than to
    open your mouth and prove it to them").

    So, I hope someone else on the list has a bit more relevant experience and
    a smidge of free time to try to help you out with your question. Sorry
    I can't be of better service to you.

    You want to run 2 instances of cflowd on the same server? Going to
    need a ton of shared memory and disk space and bandwidth to make that
    work, assuming traffic is going to be heavy. As long as you make the
    config files such that the streams don't cross each other, seems like it
    should work. But remember Egon Spengler's advice: Crossing the
    streams would be bad.

    Editorializing a bit --- It isn't obvious to me: Why do you want
    separate collectors? You might get more attention from the list if
    you can convince people its an interesting problem that they might want
    to pursue for their own purposes.


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