From: Gunnar Ingvi (gunni@gunni.is)
Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 00:36:32 PST

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    Does anyone know the answer for this question?

    Thanks in advance,
    best regards,


    Logging flows based on 32 bit masks isnīt working in
    version 1.3, syntrax option for the configuration
    is "flows:xxx" doesnīt do anything, can anyone confirm
    this or point me out what I might be doing wrong?

     COLLECT: { flows }

    And in the old version you need to configure flows:xxx
    but it doesnīt work with this version. Is it possible
    that flows doesnīt even do anything in the config file?
    I can see the flow between networks without problems.

    Thanks and best

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