Re: Memory issues???

From: Goncalo Costa (
Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 07:54:47 PST

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    >> > Hi Scott,
    >> >
    >> > There can be problems if you have defined a
    >> >
    >> > COLLECT: { protocol, ifmatrix, portmatrix, netmatrix, nexthop,
    >> > asmatrix, tos, flows }
    >> >
    >> > line in cflowd.conf for more than just flows, and you are not running
    >> > cfdcollect. cflowd writes the protocol, ifmatrix, etc. data to shared
    >> > memory, and expects cfdcollect to be freeing the memory after it
    >> > processes it and writes out the arts files.
    >> >
    >> > If all you are interested in doing is processing the flow files and
    >> > don't want to run cfdcollect (as you would do if you were running
    >> > FlowScan, for instance), in the COLLECT line only flows should be
    >> > defined.
    >> >
    >> > Now, if this is not what is happening in your case, I don't know what to
    >> > tell you, but that is the only cause of memory leaks I have heard of.
    >> >


    I don't know if this solved your problem, but as far as I
    can remember cfdcollect and cflowd do _not_ share memory:
    - cflowdmux receives flows from the routers and stores them
      in shared memory
    - cflowd reads the flows from the shared memory
    - cfdcollect connects to cflowd via TCP/IP sockets and as such they
      can even run in separate machines

    You can even specify the port for cflowd to listen for connections
    from cfdcollect in cflowd.conf:
      # Listen for connections from cfdcollect on port 2056.

    I didn't look at the source though, so any comments would be appreciated.

    Thank you

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