Cflowd - Weird Characters

Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 10:20:23 PST

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    I have had this problem with weird characters in the raw files. I used
    "Flowwatch" and it showed that the flow are being delivered correctly on the
    sparc-solaris-2.6 running Cflowd:

         index: 0xc7ffff
         src IP:
         dst IP:
         input ifIndex: 2
         output ifIndex: 0
         src port: 138
         dst port: 138
         pkts: 2
         bytes: 484
         IP nexthop:
         start time: Tue Dec 11 12:00:35 2001
         end time: Tue Dec 11 12:00:35 2001
         protocol: 17
         tos: 0
         src AS: 0
         dst AS: 0
         src masklen: 8
         dst masklen: 21
         TCP flags: 0x10
         engine type: 0
         engine id: 0

    I got something like that on the raw files:


                      i??< <
                      i??< <
                      i??< <

                      i??< <

    I reinstalled cflowd (cflowd-2-1-b1.tar.gz), arts (arts++-1-1-a8.tar.gz) and
    gmake (make-3.79.1.tar.gz) and it didnt help.

    My cflowd.conf is:

       HOST: # IP address of Cisco sending data.
         ADDRESSES: # Addresses of interfaces on
       Cisco sending data.
         CFDATAPORT: 2055 # Port on which to listen for data.
         SNMPCOMM: 'public' # SNMP community name.
         LOCALAS: 0 # Local AS of Cisco sending
         COLLECT: { protocol, portmatrix, ifmatrix, nexthop,
                                    tos, flows }

    My 6509 MSFC configuration is:

       ip flow-export source Loopback0
       ip flow-export version 5
       ip flow-export destination 2055

    I would appreciate any help.



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