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From: Scott Sheppard (
Date: Tue Jan 08 2002 - 08:28:10 PST

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    I would like to add my voice to Mr. Ozturk.

    I have been interested in mapping AS traffic on behalf of a major ISP. Just
    to cope with Netflow data from 6 routers I am generating 4 to 6 Mbps of
    traffic (even with aggregation). I need to process 300 to 1000 datagrams a
    second of netflow traffic per router in a DHCP environment. I have looked at
    two vendors so far to see what commercially avialble products are out there
    to process raw netflow traffic. Both have code that can cope with 20 to 40
    datagrams a second regardless of the size of the server used to process the
    Netflow data. So my question is can anyone recomend a vendor or use of
    CFLOWD to study netflow data on this scale?

    Thank you

    Scott Sheppard MS, MBA, MS
    Sr Network Engineer
    Bellsouth Dot Net
    ph 678 441 7986

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    Subject: AS analysis using cflowd

    Hello List

    I want to sort the outputs of cflowd accourding to destination AS
    numbers. But below is the output I am getting. What is the problem and
    how can I fix it? Does anybody have any idea? does anybody did any AS
    Thanks in advance.

    With warm regards,

    [root@bliss bin]# ./cfdases
    period: 01/08/2002 14:43:07 - 01/08/2002 15:38:59 EST (55 min, 52 sec)

    ifIndex: 5
      srcAS dstAS packets bytes pkts/sec
      ----- ----- ------------- ------------- -------------

    ifIndex: 6
      srcAS dstAS packets bytes pkts/sec
      ----- ----- ------------- ------------- -------------

    ifIndex: 7
      srcAS dstAS packets bytes pkts/sec
      ----- ----- ------------- ------------- -------------

    [root@bliss bin]#

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