[Cflowd] Anyone ever fix FreeBSD bogus missed flows reports?

From: Mark Boolootian (booloo@cats.ucsc.edu)
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 15:39:09 PST

Has anyone out there ever managed to fix the problem that causes the
bogus loss reporting under FreeBSD? An example of said reporting looks
as follows:

  Mar 18 16:40:46 c2-collect cflowd[3034]: [I] missed 1592 of 21403 flows
  from (null) engine 673993632 agg_method 0 (2.86786e-288% loss)

I've played with the code a little, but I have zero C++ chops, and although
I could make things look different, I couldn't make them look better.
This reporting worked fine under Linux.


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