[Cflowd] Monitoring service availability of cflowd

From: Halldór Högnason (Halldor.Hognason@islandssimi.is)
Date: Mon Mar 25 2002 - 18:22:41 PST

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    Does anyone know any good method to monitor cflowd, cfdcollect and
    cflowdmux processes if they
    are working properly ? I want to remotely monitor the status of these
    services on the machine they
    run on.

    Best regards,


    Halldor Karl Hognason E.E.
    Islandssimi hf.
    Borgartun 30
    105 Reykjavik

    E-mail: halldor.hognason@islandssimi.is
    Tel: +354 5955016
    Mob: +354 820 5016
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