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From: Edwin D. Viñas (edwinv@asti.dost.gov.ph)
Date: Wed Apr 10 2002 - 20:20:20 PDT

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    Hi! Sorry for the late reply. I just found this email when i opened my
    nearly full
    Cflowd mailing list folder for the first time :-)

    Anyway, its true that im working with netflow and i was able to make a
    Perl script that will analyze CFLOWD data and feeds its output in a
    POSTGRESQL database.
    I successfully run the program and be able to see all data being fed into
    the NETFLOW database.
    The script uses perl, CGI, DBI, Pg and Pgaccess as database viewer. Using a
    script that automatically
    creates the database tables at a certain time, the databasing of netflow
    data seems successful. At this time,
    im still finalizing the script so that it will be made available on the net.

    Btw, are you working on the same thing also?

    Edwin D. Viñas
    Advanced Science and Technology Institute
    CP Garcia Ave., UP Diliman,
    Quezon City PHILIPPINES

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    > Hi Edwin,
    > I was looking over the archives of the cflowd list and in it there was a
    > post mentioning that you were working on a script to take the data from
    > cflowd into postgresql. I was wondering how you went? Was it viable/good
    > etc etc.
    > Thanks,
    > Hugh Blandford
    > Island Internet
    > p 1300 130 428
    > m 0412 016 875

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