[Cflowd] Missing networks

From: Mathias Gaertner (mgaertne@igd.fhg.de)
Date: Tue Apr 02 2002 - 23:33:12 PST

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    does anybody here managed to receive flows from a Cisco Cat6000 with
     MSFC and PFC which do contain source- and destination network ?

    I can configure the Cat6K to export V1-Flows and they have a source- and
    destination IP in it. But if I'd like to configure netmatrix object for
    that switch I receive
    Received a V1 flow without a net matrix filed, which is ok, since only
    V5 or 7 flows contain a mask-field.
    Version 7 is not supported (so it seems, at least the
    CflowdNetMatrix::AddFlow explicitly tests for V8 and V5) and V8 does
    contain aggregates which I couldn't configure on the switch and the
    switch returns an aggregate scheme of "8" which is not supported nor
    documented on CCO.

    So, how can I achieve to have arts-files with a netmatrix field for
    these switches ?
    Any idea ?

    Mathias Gaertner

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