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From: Edwin D. Viņas (
Date: Wed Apr 24 2002 - 18:05:09 PDT

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    Hello Frank,

    In a version 8 flow-export data format, what are the data fields contained
    in each flow?

    If the data fields are different than that of the version 5 format, my
    current netflow database
    will be able to store the data.

    What aggregation schemes are good to apply?


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    Frank> Hi Edwin,

    Frank> yes, cflowd recognize Flow v8 exports and store it in the same way v5
    Frank> flows where stored. I used Flow 8 with my Junipers and cflowd
    Frank> them and stored them in the arts files.
    Frank> Due to some trouble with the flow exporter on the Junipers i switched
    Frank> back to Flow 5 but, this was _not_ a cflowd prob. It was a juniper
    Frank> prob.

    Frank> rgds,
    Frank> Frank
    > Edwin> Hi guys!
    > Edwin> Im currently using CFLOWD to collect netflow from a router using
    version 5 data export format.
    > Edwin> Im contented with the functionality of CFLOWD but, we planned to
    > Edwin> aggregation scheme inorder to reduce the data being exported by the
    > Edwin> However, there is a documentation from Cisco which says that only
    Version 8 UDP
    > Edwin> flow-export data format is being supported with aggragated flows.
    This means im now
    > Edwin> going to receive version 8 instead of version 5 flow-exports.
    > Edwin> My problem is, can CFLOWD recognize VERSION 8 FLOW-EXPORTS?
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