[Cflowd] cfdcollect stops working

From: Christian Cinetto (cinetto@garr.it)
Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 05:44:50 PDT

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    Hi, I have been running Cflowd for one month on two routers Cisco 75XX.
    I ran cflowdmux, cflowd , cfdcollect on the same dedicated machine, with
    the following configuration:
    OS:Linux Red Hat 7.2; proc. Pentium III 600 MHz, RAM 1 GB;
    The arts files started to be created without problems for 24-32 hours,
    then cfdcollect stopped without any log message; when the process stops,it
    generates a huge core file located in /usr/local/arts/etc (where the
    .conf files are located); cflowdmux and cflowd behave normally.
    The current software installed :
    cflowd version 2-1-b1 ; arts 1-1-a8.
    I tried to stop the processes and to start them back again; the behaviour
    is more or less the same,i.e. after a while cfdcollect stops again.
    I would appreciate any suggestion,

    Christian Cinetto

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