Re: [Cflowd] cfdcollect stops working

From: Goncalo Costa (
Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 06:55:48 PDT

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    > Hi, I have been running Cflowd for one month on two routers Cisco 75XX.
    > I ran cflowdmux, cflowd , cfdcollect on the same dedicated machine, with
    > the following configuration:
    > ...
    > I tried to stop the processes and to start them back again; the behaviour
    > is more or less the same,i.e. after a while cfdcollect stops again.
    > I would appreciate any suggestion,

    Have you checked:

    I solved this problem by commenting out the syslog call in
    function CflowdCisco::ClearTableData() in file

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