[Cflowd] Cflowd and Catalyst5505

From: Saulius Riauba (saulius.riauba@sc.vu.lt)
Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 07:50:18 PDT

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    dst IP only MulticastHi,

    Can somebody tell me, is there a possibility to collect data using Cflowd from Cisco switches not from routers?

    I successfully collected data using Cflowd from an RSM module, which is connected to Cisco Catalyst 5505, before it was configured to work in mls mode. Now the RSM module works in mls mode and it can not "see" the Catalyst's flows. The question is could I collect data from Cisco Catalyst 5505 like from switch or in some other way using Cflowd?

    Saulius Riauba

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