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Date: Mon Jun 03 2002 - 23:27:56 PDT

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    You run flowdump on the raw flow files not the arts ones which are created
    by cfdcollect from the raw flow files.

    Or as I'm about to try and do, write your own scripts to extract the raw
    flow info from the raw files and do what you want with it :)


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    I have been using the netmatrix and the artsnets utility to give me a
    breakdown of traffic by particular source and destination networks ie
    artsnets -d arts.20020530
    I'd like to get more granularity into this data and have a breakdown by
    Network and then by protocol - sepcifically I want to see how much is smtp.
    I have turned on the protocol configuration parameter - however the Protocol
    table seems to only contain this data - how do you correlate the 2 tables ?

    Do I have to run flowdump on the arts files instead of the arts utilities ?


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