[Cflowd] 16bit SNMP index

From: Vasu Dev Dasari (vasudev_dasari@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Jun 26 2002 - 07:55:54 PDT

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    I am looking at netflow record packet format.

    For Version 1 Flow Record Format
    bytes (12-15) Input and output interface's SNMP

    Similarly, for all other versions, (3, 5,8), input and
    output interface's
    SNMP index is 2 bytes(16 bit) long. But, actually,
    interface index is identified
    by 32 bit integer according to RFC 2233 (IF-MIB). So,
    if any implementation has
    32 bit ifIndex representation then, the index that can
    be put in flow record cannot
    be a ifIndex, rather it could be some other 16 bit
    index to identify local interface
    for netflow purposes.

    1. Has anyone come across this problem ??? Is there
    any workaround ???

    2. Is there any netflow MIB which goes like this,
    given a 16 bit netflow index, return
    32 bit ifIndex for the interface ???

    3. Are there any plans of changing packet formats (by
    owner, Cisco) to include 32 bit
    ifIndex in place of 16 bits used in netflow record.


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