[Cflowd] list of multiple cisco's

From: Arne Van Theemsche (arne.vantheemsche@xs4all.be)
Date: Wed Jul 03 2002 - 06:01:40 PDT

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    maybe a weird question but:

    the last 2 weeks I've been installing cflowd (and some tools around it,
    like FlowScan). I remember somewhere (I'm not sure it was in cflowd) an
    option where you can give a list of all cisco's supplying netflow to you,
    so the program can detect data showing up twice (or more), and so counted
    double (or more).
    At that time, it was of no matter to me, because we only had netflow on
    our outside interfaces and not on the interfaces connecting our
    cisco's. But now it could help me with a problem. Does somebody now if
    this is an option in cflowd? because i can't find it anywhere in the
    configuration files, but I do remember reading something about it, I'm
    just not sure it was in cflowd or not


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