[Cflowd] OS choice--looking to avoid difficulties

From: jnelson (jnelson@rackspace.com)
Date: Tue Aug 27 2002 - 12:21:57 PDT

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    I'm preparing to take the plunge into a cflow/rrd/flowscan
    implementation and I'm looking to streamline the process as much as
    I've built a box for it: dual proc 1.2Ghz, scsi HD, 1G ram, and I've
    loaded FreeBSD 4.5. And, now that I'm looking at the versions and the
    binary distributions, I'm unsure about my OS choice. This box is really
    for DoS detection/mitigation experimentation, but I want a solid
    back-end in order to limit the confounded variables when I begin to hack
    at it.

    I've read through the archives and found some reference but mostly just
    individual compiling mem-leak problems on specific systems.

    Could someone, multiple people, make a case for on OS? Personal
    expeience, yada yada.

    Thank you,

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