Re: [Cflowd] Inconsistant data

From: Shawn Armstrong (
Date: Wed Oct 02 2002 - 15:24:19 PDT

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    The graphs are being generated using Flowscan and rrdtool.

    Stats are coming from all outbound interfaces (verified using flowwatch)

    Martin van den Nieuwelaar wrote:
    > Shawn Armstrong wrote:
    >> I've run into an inconsistancy that I can not explain, and was
    >> wondering if someone may have some insight as to what's happening.
    >> I'm currently monitoring all the links out of my institution with MRTG
    >> as well as running Cflowd. The graph created by MRTG shows current
    >> traffic data as In: 40.1 Mb/s Out: 19.0 Mbps. Cflowd graphs show In:
    >> 16.2 Mb/s Out: 12.1 Mb/s.
    >> All the routers that I'm polling with MRTG are sending flow data to
    >> Cflowd, so it's not an issue of routers being left out off the flow
    >> data. Also, we are not a transit network, so that's not an issue.
    >> Anyone have any ideas?
    >> Thanks,
    > How are you creating CFlowd graphs? CFlowd doesn't produce graphs as
    > standard.
    > Depending on how many connections off your network you have it would be
    > worth checking you are actually getting stats from every outward
    > pointing interface.
    > I think the issue may lie with how the graphs are being generated. ie.
    > there may be a flaw in the way the collected data is turned into the
    > graph. Garbage In, Garbage Out as they say.
    > Regards,
    > -Martin

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