[Cflowd] (no subject)

From: Jeffrey Gasper (jeffrey_gasper@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Oct 09 2002 - 13:59:07 PDT

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    Hello, When I try to start cflowdmux I get the following error. I do have a
    "cflowd.conf" file in the "/usr/local/arts/etc" directory that I modified
    for my network configuration so I am not sure what I might be doing wrong.
    Just to check, I have also tried starting cflowdmux with the full path to
    "cflowd.conf" and I get the same error. Thanks for any help.
                -Jeff G.

    # ./cflowdmux
    # Oct 9 16:51:28 lonestar cflowdmux[16865]: [A]
    g_packetQueue.Create("/usr/local/arts/etc/cflowd.conf",2097152) failed: No
    such file or directory {cflowdmux.cc:457}
    Oct 9 16:51:28 lonestar cflowdmux[16865]: [A] failed to create packet
    queue! Exiting. {cflowdmux.cc:459}

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