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From: scottv@attbi.com
Date: Fri Oct 18 2002 - 22:12:24 PDT

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    I have read the mailing archives and see many many times
    someone has this problem but nobody ever has a

    Basically I am getting netflow files it is logging them
    but when making the arts files it says it is successfull
    but never has any data in them...

    -rw-r--r-- 1 flowscan users 0 Oct 18 22:44

    syslog says it is successful as well...

    Oct 18 22:54:14 cyclops cfdcollect[5042]: [I] awakened
    by alarm.
    Oct 18 22:54:15 cyclops cfdcollect[5042]: [I] connected
    to localhost:2056
    Oct 18 22:54:44 cyclops cflowd[7231]: [I] sent data to
    Oct 18 22:54:44 cyclops cfdcollect[5042]: [I] localhost
    has data for 1 router.
    Oct 18 22:54:44 cyclops cfdcollect[5042]: [I] got data
    for router from localhost
    Oct 18 22:54:44 cyclops cfdcollect[5042]: [I] wrote data
    for router
    Oct 18 22:54:44 cyclops cfdcollect[5042]: [I] sleeping
    for 270 seconds.

    and I know im gathering data because i can flowdump and
    see it as well as flows.current changes sizes.

    What is the fix or possible problems?


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