Re: [Cflowd] arts files from different cisco IOS

From: neal rauhauser (
Date: Mon Nov 11 2002 - 11:45:20 PST

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      IOS images with T are experimental. I ran 12.2T without too much grief
    until 12.2.8T, and after a few weeks of malarky I scrubbed every 26xx on
    my network and put 12.2.10b on instead ... and all BGP troubles evaporated.

      I can't comment on netflow specific troubles but in general 12.2.8T
    acted as if it was beyond a medication check and in need of some quiet
    time in a little rubber room some where. Unless you're really using IPv6
    a lot, I'd pitch it and go with the mainline release.

    Alexander Serkin wrote:

    > Hello.
    > Has anybody seen this: arts files are not readable if netflow
    > is exported from 2610 (IOS 12.2.8T), The same router with IOS
    > 12.2.4T1 exports readable arts files. The arts files produced by cflow
    > from router with IOS 12.2(12.6) are unreadable again.
    > What's wrong there ?
    > The unreadability looks like the artsnets utility executed against the
    > arts file gives no output at all.
    > SY,
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    > Alexander
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