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Date: Tue Nov 26 2002 - 20:18:40 PST

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    Systems Administrator wrote:
    > Hi all. I've looked around the Internet, but been unable to find an
    > answer to the following question:
    > Does cflowd come with something which allows summary by IP address,
    > or is it necessary to get something like flow-tools as well for this?

    Yes it can do that, sort of. If you use artsnets it's possible to
    specify source and destination IP ranges as follows.

    # artsnets
    Usage: artsnets [-v] [-r] [-p] [-i ifIndexList] [-l maxEntries] [-s
    srcNet/mask] [-d dstNet/mask] file(s)

    The only problem is that the source and destination IP addresses of
    the packets are actually converted into network addresses (I suspect
    based on the netmask specified in the Netflow Export produced by the
    router). So you actually lose quite a lot of detail.

    Hope this helps answer your question.


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