[Cflowd] Catalyst 6000

From: Chiara Sambi (Sambi@ictc.it)
Date: Thu Nov 28 2002 - 08:03:04 PST

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    Sorry if i use directly your e-mail, but i need a bit of help and i hope you
    can give it to me.
    I 'd like to know if it is possible to use as a SPAN port in a Catalyst
    switch 6509, the port use to forward traffic to the MSFC (i have read it is
    the 15/1 port), and if i can use this port for 2 different SPAN session, one
    for the traffic TO the MSFC and one for the traffic FROM the MSFC, with 2
    different destination port.
    Is the port that connect the MSFC a promiscuos port?
    Thanks for ur help

    Dott.sa Chiara Sambi

    ICT consulting
    20140 Milano
    via Vittor Pisani 22
    tel: +39 02 67642249
    fax: +39 02 67642243
    e-mail: sambi@ictc.it

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