RE: [Cflowd] Resource temporarily unavailable and Connection refused

From: Marcus Beaman (
Date: Fri Dec 06 2002 - 09:23:32 PST

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    In my cflowd.conf I increased the PKTBUFSIZE and the NUMFLOWFILES and the error
    went away:
      PKTBUFSIZE: 10485760

    However, I think you might have a semaphore/shared memory problem. In this case
    you can (1) reboot the system or (2) use the ipcs/ipcrm commands to list and
    remove the bad semaphore(s)/shared memory segment(s). Try the man pages for
    ipcs, but for freebsd the "ipcs -a" command should list all active semaphores.
    After you kill the cflowd/cflowdmux processes you should not see a
    semaphore/shared memory entry for the account under which cflowd is running. If
    you do see an entry then you have an unreleased semaphore set or shared memory
    segment. This has happened to me before (once in two years) and the result was
    one of the services (cflowd/cflowdmux and I don't remember which) were unable to
    bind to their port (if memory serves me). This may be giving you the
    "Connection refused" syslog entry. You can then use ipcrm to remove the
    semaphore/share memory entry, for freebsd I used "ipcrm -s <key#>. Hope this
    helps and sorry for the lengthy reply :)

    > Dec 6 08:00:29 stat02 cflowdmux[16983]: [E] semop(65540,0xbfbfefbc,1) failed
    > release buffer lock: Resource temporarily unavailable
    > }
    So, I tried to change the value of PKTBUFSIZE in my cflowd.conf from
    2097152 to more larger value.
    However, if the value is changed, they doesn't work with following
    messages. TABLESOCKFILE(/tmp/cflowdtable.socket) not created.
    > Dec 6 18:11:13 stat02 cfdcollect[36616]: [E] connect(4,0x80fb0e4,16) (host
    > lhost port 2056) failed: Connection refused {}
    > Dec 6 18:11:13 stat02 cfdcollect[36616]: [I] sleeping for 299 seconds.


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