[Cflowd] cfdcollect rotate time

From: Alexis (alexis@attla.net.ar)
Date: Wed Jan 15 2003 - 06:01:38 PST

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    Hi all.
    Last night i sent a mail, but im not shure if it really left my computer at
    home, because i cant see it in the sent items.
    So, if i sending the same mail twice, please accept my apologizes.

    The question related to cfdcollector is if i can change the time that
    cfdcollect uses to rotate the files where it stores the consolidated data
    (arts files), that is 24 hours.

    The reason why im asking this is the following... Im collecting data from
    8 -lets call them- main routers, and 2 of them have a large amount of
    traffic. So the arts file becomes too large too soon, and when im trying to
    get some info with artsnets, its really hard and takes a lot of time.

    I dont mind if i have lot of files at a day, it can be managed by a script
    to erase them, but ill need to cfdcollect, instead rotate his files every 24
    hours, can do the rotation every hour as an example.

    Thanks in advance.

    Se. Alexis Fidalgo
    AT&T Argentina

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