[Cflowd] ARTS question

From: Mathias Gärtner (mgaertne@igd.fhg.de)
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 08:38:26 PST

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    I'm using cflowd quite extensivly since over 2 years now.
    I had two routers speaking eBGP to two ISP and iBGP to two routers on
    the inside.
    On the iBGP I did distribute a lot of class-C networks, while on eBGP I
    summarized all these class-C networks to a super-block (i.e. /19 or /16).
    The iBGP-Routers have static routings of all of these classe C networks
    towards another network.
    ARTSNETS was then able to give me the numbers for every class-C network.

    Recently we changed the ISP-access so that just two routers in total remain.
    One router speaking eBGP to the ISP 1 and iBGP to router 2
    The router 2 speaks iBGP with router 1 (sure) and eBGP with ISP2
    Still, on the iBGP I advertise Class-C networks and on all eBGP
    supernets and all class-c routes are on router 2.

    But now, when I use ARTSNETS on flows received from router 2 I only get
    the superblock aggregation and not the individual class-C networks.
    Now, this will spoil my accounting scheme and I do wonder why that is so.
    A flowwatch reveals that the incoming flow-export from router 2 contains
    the supernetted mask instead of the individual class-c mask.

    Does anybody have an idea how to change that?
    Router2 is a Cisco7600 with IOS12.1(13)E


    Mathias Gaertner

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