[Cflowd] Newbie getting off the ground

From: Scott Sheppard (scott.sheppard@arch.bellsouth.net)
Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 12:24:59 PST

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    I have installed flow tools
    I attempted to run the following

    # ./flow-capture -e3 -E10M -V5 -w /opt/FlowTools 0/

    where -e3 is expire count 3 files
    -E10M is the size of these three files at 10 MB each
    -V5 is teh netflow format ver 5
    -w /opt/FlowTools is the directoty where I want files stored
    0/ is teh local ip, remote ip and port respectively (I
    assume the 0/reffers to "this ost"

    This is the error I see

    flow-capture: open(/var/run/flow-capture.pid.9995): No such file or

    I am not sure where to go next.

    Scott Sheppard MS, MBA, MS
    Sr Network Engineer
    BellSouth Dot Net
    404 499 5539
    page scott.sheppard@imcingular.com

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    >>I would like to do an informal survey of the type of hardware that
    >>people on this list are using for running flowtools and or cflow

    We collect flows from about 19 routers using about a dozen small Suns.
    Data is forwarded to a single Sun 280 with dual 900 MHz processors, 1
    GByte of memory and a half-terabyte of raid disk.

    Total raw data size is about 4 GBytes/day, compressed.

    It takes 12-18 hours to process one days' data.

    We use the data for usage and performance reasons, not real-time
    attack analysis.



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