[Cflowd] Cflowd on Solaris 8

From: Phil Lee (phil@ip-engineering.bt.com)
Date: Mon Mar 31 2003 - 02:20:52 PST

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    Hi all,

    I am trying to compile cflowd on Solaris 8 for sparc. The compilation of
    arts went fine but when I try to compile cflowd I get the following message:

    make[2]: Entering directory `/export/home/phil/cflowd-2-1-b1/classes/src'
    c++ -g -O2 -I../include -I../../include -I/usr/local/arts/include -I../../sn
    mp++/classes/include -c CflowdConfig.cc -o CflowdConfig.o
    echo timestamp > CflowdConfig.lo
    bison -d -b flowfilt -p flowfilt FlowFilter.y
    make[2]: *** [flowfilt.tab.h] Broken Pipe
    make[2]: Leaving directory `/export/home/phil/cflowd-2-1-b1/classes/src'
    make[1]: *** [all] Error 2
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/export/home/phil/cflowd-2-1-b1/classes'
    make: *** [all] Error 2

    I am using gcc 2.95.3, make 3.80, Bison 1.875 and flex 2.5.4a.

    Does anyone have any idea what is going wrong?



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