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April 2001 DARPA NMS PI Meeting - Measurement Issues
This page summarizes discussion and resources related to network measurement data identified at the NMS PI Meeting held at SDSC April 2-4, 2001. Select from this menu to find information and comments on available datasets.
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Measurement Infrastructure Survey

Measurement Data Users

PI Survey Responses Dataset Used Research Problem Addressed Comments
M. Faloutsos & C. Faloutsos, UC Riverside NLANR/UOregon BGP tables with traceroutes and pings Interdomain topology modeling and evolution. and end-to-end delay behavior (routing bottlenecks) completeness of data? need one-way delays and capacities (will check Surveyor)
Don Towsley, UMass BGP tables peering relationships need topology generation
Walter Willinger, AT&T Labs NLANR/UOregon BGP tables Check model assumptions mechanism not consistent with data
Don Towsley, UMass Auckland WITS TCP load; end2end loss need ability to multicast scheduled measurements
Rolf Riedi, Rice Auckland WITS TCP load, multiplexing, correlation between traffic streams need recent traces; multiscale statistics; traffic components; need more info on location of sources
Raghu Kacker, NIST IEPM, XIWT PingER data    
Bruce Siegell, Telcordia Surveyor delay and traceroute accurate one-way delay measurement needed for Felix project (ended Aug 2000) too many routing changes; inconvenient tools; NDA required; need better tools
Nagi Rao, ORNL homegrown end2end delay for improving RTT by re-routing only few daemons; use forced routing to send traffic through them.

NMS Measurement Issues Panel Participants

Action Items

  • kc: get more information on KEYNOTE and commercial companies providing Internet measurement services
  • Chuck Brownstein: Access to XIWT/IPERF data?
  • DONE. kc: email to Cisco specifying wishlist for inside router
  • kc: Contact Nagi Rao re skitter collaboration or code sharing options
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