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CAIDA Publications
The Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) plays a role in publishing papers and presenting talks which are submitted for peer review at various conferences in the network research community.
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Papers written on a range of network-related topics by CAIDA researchers are posted and indexed by date, author, topic, or publication/conference. Technical reports published by CAIDA are also included in this searchable CAIDA Papers listing.

An index of non-CAIDA publications using CAIDA data is maintained as well in the Data section of our website, and researchers or anyone in the community who use CAIDA data in their papers or publications are encouraged to report a publication using CAIDA data for its inclusion in the list.

When CAIDA presentations are given at conferences and workshops, the slidesets accompanying these presentations are posted shortly thereafter.

CAIDA maintains a blog called According to the Best Available Data, where current Internet measurement and data-related issues are discussed in a format less formal than CAIDA's research paper publications.

Over the years, CAIDA has often made use of visualizations to help illustrate the results of our research. The visualizations page provides a single collation of the many scientific visualizations that help us tell our stories. Related to visualization efforts are:

  • A variety of animations and videos are made available that help illustrate our efforts at CAIDA, many suitable for network engineering training. These include animations illustrating the spread of worms and viruses over time after initial infection, and some older videos explaining our monitoring efforts and measurement techniques.

  • In order to promote a better understanding of the Internet, CAIDA develops new visualization techniques to display Internet data and presents them as poster-sized prints for the research community. These CAIDA posters are made available for download.

Annual Reports and Program Plans

Recent CAIDA annual reports and program plans are available for browsing.

Learning Resources

In August 2002, a training CD on Internet Traffic Analysis, including code, illustrative packet traces, animations, background presentations, tutorials and lab exercises has been distributed to faculty around the U.S. Roughly 1000 copies were distributed to universities in the U.S. and abroad. Unfortunately, this training CD is no longer available, and there is no funding available to produce another one.

As a resource to the research community, CAIDA created a networking bibliography, an annotated bibliography of papers and presentations in the wide-area networking literature.

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