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NSF very high speed backbone network service (vBNS)

In October 1994 MCI visited SDSC to discuss vBNS installation and research opportunities surrounding the vBNS project.

Braun participated in discussions in June 1994 at Cornell University, as part of a Metacenter meeting, leading to a draft AUP submitted by the supercomputing centers to NSF. Wendy Huntoon of PSC coordinated, and the centers collectively submitted the following suggested draft of an AUP to NSF in July of 1994, and again in December, in order that DNCRI could ensure it was in place before Stephen Wolff left NSF:

All vBNS traffic is subject to the NSFnet AUP dated June 1992. Furthermore, the vBNS is an experimental network resource dedicated to the development and execution of meritorious high bandwidth applications and services. As such, periods of reduced services or unavailability must be expected.

Since the vBNS is experimental, all vBNS connected sites must maintain non-vBNS connectivity sufficient to support their average production traffic load.

The NSF Metacenter is willing to collaborate with the NSF to develop methodologies and architectures in order to segregate traffic in support of this policy.

Hans-Werner Braun
Wed Apr 19 20:12:08 PDT 1995