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student involvement with ANR

UCSD students K Claffy and Kevin Fall have made significant contributions to the ANR groups efforts in analysis and modeling of high speed networks. Both have received their PhDs from the Computer Science and Engineering Departments at UCSD in 1994.

  1. K Claffy completed her Ph.D degree on Internet traffic characterization in June 1994 under Professor George Polyzos in the Computer Systems Laboratory within the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at UCSD. She is currently interested in several areas of development of Internet communication and information middleware.

  2. Kevin Fall completed his Ph.D. degree in computer science in December 1994 under the direction of Professor Joseph Pasquale in the Computer Systems Laboratory at UCSD. His dissertation is entitled A Peer to Peer I/O system in Support of I/O Intensive Workloads. As part of the network research group at SDSC, Kevin has investigated protocol and performance issues in the wide-area HIPPI environment of the CASA gigabit testbed.

  3. Henry Sariowan is currently a Ph.D. student in the Computer Systems Laboratory investigating statistical models of Internet flows under the direction of Professor George Polyzos.

Hans-Werner Braun
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