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ANR has published, submitted, or otherwise made available several papers and reports of research activities during 1994. Several papers included collaborative efforts with outside people, who co-author those papers. Among the co-authors are Steve Wolff (NSF/DNCRI), and Roger Bohn (UCSD economist).

ANR's 1993 annual progress report:

``1993 Annual Report of the Research Progress of the Applied Network Research (ANR) Group'', Feb 1994, H.-W. Braun, B. Chinoy, K. Claffy, and G. C. Polyzos, SDSC Report GA-A21648

Our activities in the area of flow analysis:

``A parameterizable methodology for Internet traffic flow profiling'', K. Claffy, G. C. Polyzos and H.-W. Braun, Jan 1994, IEEE JSAC Special Issue on the Global Internet, to appear. SDSC Report GA-A21526, UCSD Report CS93-328,

``Internet workload characterization'', K. Claffy, UCSD thesis, June 1994.


``Mitigating the coming Internet crunch: multiple service levels via Precedence'', R. Bohn, H.-W. Braun, K. Claffy and S. Wolff, to appear in Journal of High Speed Networks, 1994.

Network analysis and modeling:

``Web traffic characterization: an assessment of the impact of caching documents from NCSA's web server, H.-W. Braun and K. Claffy, Second international world wide web conference, Chicago, IL, October 17-20, 1994.

``TCP/IP performance in the CASA gigabit testbed, B. Chinoy and K. Fall, Usenix Symposium on High Performance Networking, 1-3 August 1994, Oakland, CA, pp. 45-59.

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